Rote Island’s Natural Wonders Through Trekking
with Eliana Resort & Spa, Rote Island

Trekking through Rote Island unveils a world of unspoiled landscapes and breathtaking vistas. At Eliana Resort & Spa, we offer guided trekking adventures that bring you closer to the island’s natural beauty.

The Unique Terrain of Rote Island

Rote Island’s terrain, with its rolling hills, pristine beaches, and lush forests, provides an ideal setting for trekking enthusiasts of all levels.


Guided Trekking Tours
Our knowledgeable guides lead you through the best trails, ensuring a safe and informative trekking experience.

Safety and Equipment
We provide all necessary safety equipment and briefings to ensure your trekking adventure is both safe and enjoyable.

Best Times For Trekking

Paddle Boarding at Eliana Resort & Spa

Rote Island’s trekking experiences vary with the seasons, each offering a unique perspective.

Dry Season (May – September)
The dry season provides clear skies and comfortable temperatures, ideal for trekking.

Wet Season (November – February)
The landscape comes alive during the wet season, offering lush, green scenery and cooler trekking conditions.

Lucky Catches: Rote’s Marine Life

On a good day, you might encounter a variety of fish including mahi mahi, dog tooth tuna, Spanish Mackerel, and Yellow-fin Tuna, among others like Trevalli, Wahoo, and Marlin. With a bit of luck, your catch could also include the prized Coral Trout or even a formidable Giant Trevally.

Scenic Coastlines

Walk along beautiful shorelines, with opportunities to spot marine life.

Hidden Coves

Discover secluded bays perfect for swimming and relaxation.

Nirwana Lake

Trekking to Nirwana Lake offers a blend of pristine waters, dense forests, and mangroves, presenting a somewhat challenging journey that rewards trekkers with unparalleled natural beauty and serenity.

Why Choose Eliana Resort & Spa for Trekking?

Eliana Resort & Spa: Joglo Ocean View

Eliana Resort & Spa is the perfect starting point for discovering the natural beauty of Rote Island on foot.

Access to Diverse Trails
Our location offers easy access to a variety of trekking trails, suitable for all levels of experience.

Personalized Trekking Experiences
We tailor trekking experiences to your preferences, ensuring a unique and personal adventure.

Join us at Eliana Resort & Spa for an exhilarating trekking adventure on Rote Island. Whether you’re strolling along serene beaches or conquering rugged hilltops, our guided treks offer an unparalleled opportunity to connect with nature and create lasting memories.