Ocean View Suites
Your Window to the Ocean’s Splendor

Discover Your Private Oasis in Our Ocean View Suites

The Ocean View Suites at Eliana Resort & Spa are crafted to provide an immersive experience in comfort and natural beauty. Each suite, nestled amidst the serene landscape of Rote Island, offers a personal haven of tranquility with stunning ocean views.

Sophisticated Comfort in a Serene Setting

Our suites combine sophisticated design with a cozy atmosphere. The interiors are thoughtfully appointed to create a space where comfort meets elegance, offering a perfect retreat for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Uninterrupted Ocean Views and Harmony with Nature

From the privacy of your suite, enjoy the captivating vistas of the ocean. These accommodations are designed to harmonize with the surrounding natural beauty, ensuring that your stay is peaceful and in tune with the serene environment of Rote Island.

Eliana Resort & Spa: Joglo Ocean View

Tucked away in the serene ambiance of Rote Island, our elegant suites are available at welcoming prices. Each suite is a perfect blend of comfort and style, offering a tranquil haven with breathtaking sea views. Ideal for those seeking a peaceful solo retreat or a memorable family holiday, our suites cater to a variety of needs without sacrificing luxury.


IDR 3.751.000