Eliana Resort & Spa
Sustainability, Culture, and Natural Splendor in Rote


At Eliana Resort & Spa, nestled at the edge of Indonesia’s southernmost frontier, your journey into the heart of Rote’s untouched beauty begins. Here, amidst the island’s rolling hills and palm-fringed beaches, you’re invited to explore, from the mysterious islets of Mulut Seribu to the artisanal tapestry of Ndao Island. Our commitment to sustainability and cultural preservation means every adventure supports and celebrates the local heritage and natural splendor. Discover a haven where uncharted adventures and a deep connection to nature await, right at the southern tip of Indonesia.


Our dedication to sustainability shapes every aspect of our guest experience. Embracing local culture and resources, we prioritize local partnerships, sourcing ingredients and materials from our island community. Our commitment extends to preserving Rote’s natural beauty, from minimizing our footprint on the land to protecting the marine environment. This approach not only enhances the authenticity of your stay but also supports a healthy, vibrant Rote for future generations.


We deeply respect and celebrate Rote Island’s rich cultural heritage. Our approach intertwines traditional practices and local artistry into the fabric of our resort experience, from the architectural nods to indigenous designs to the exclusive use of Ikat textiles made by local artisans. We strive to create a space where guests can immerse themselves in the island’s traditions and history, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of Rote’s unique culture.


We consciously utilize only 2 hectares of our expansive 30-hectare property to minimize our impact on Rote Island’s pristine ecosystems. This decision reflects our commitment to preserving the island’s natural beauty and biodiversity, offering guests a unique experience that’s harmoniously integrated with the surrounding environment. Through this careful stewardship, we aim to maintain the ecological balance and showcase the rich natural heritage of Rote.


At Eliana Resort & Spa, every visit unfolds into a captivating journey of discovery. Surrounded by the natural splendor of Rote, our resort invites you to indulge in a spectrum of adventures and serene experiences. Dive into the essence of Rote Island’s culture, bask in the untouched beauty of its landscapes, and enjoy the unparalleled hospitality that makes every moment at Eliana truly unforgettable. Here, the promise of a once-in-a-lifetime experience beckons, inviting you to immerse yourself in a world where every detail is crafted with care and respect for the vibrant life and traditions of this enchanting destination.